roma offshore speed race 2013


All the teams who have an interest or intend to participate in the Salento and Rome Offshore Speed ​​Race 2013, which will be held 12 to 15 june in Gallipoli and July 3 to 6 in Ostia, are requested to read carefully and note the regulation UIM Marathon, given that this year’s race will also award the title of Offshore Marathon european Championship and Italian Endurance Championship.


The teams are asked to carefully read the group rules Marathon #1200 Regulations.

In particular, the Organizing Committee of both races, which calls for the following significant points:


art.1200.1.3 – Measurement Certificate: The certificate of measurement of the hull can be demonstrated with the “builder official catalog” of the hull length over all and bottom length should be as measured, by UIM / FIM.

art. 1200.5 – License: All licenses UIM – FIM are valid, to release information: contact FIM 02/70163502 @ a.cicchelli fimconi.it.

art. 1200.6 – Sea Survival certificate: (in stand by for races in Italy, as not required).

art. 05/05/1200 – EPIRB: it is not required as we will provide tracking system GPS-GPRS-GSM;

art. 06/06/1200 – Emergency Crab Bag: not mandatory, we recommend an adequate clear water supply.

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