Rome Offshore Speed Race 2012

The Marina of Rome will host the first edition of  Rome Offshore Speed Race 2012, an Offshore powerboats race that exalts the human value, technical experience in high-speed browsing and organization of the Team, a feature that other disciplines have lost.

With the support of the UIM/FIM Marathon, and applying the Marathon rules, Rome Offshore Speed Race wants to build a solid and competitive sport platform that involves large powerboat sponsors, both national and international stakeholders, from shipyards to boat and engine builders, to marine accessories manufacturer.

Rome Offshore Speed Race is an opportunity for everyone, from pilots to technicians, to Business sector organizers, from organizations to the general public, to be involved in a big media event and sports players feel again a thrilling battle between the man, sea and speed.

The Marina of Rome [Ostia] landscape and its proximity to Rome makes the Rome Offshore Speed Race a moment of great sportsmanship immersed in a glamorous and charming setting that attracts a qualified audience.

Rome Offshore Speed Race takes place 18 to 22 July 2012 based in Marina of Rome.

  • July 18      OFFSHORE BEACH VILLAGE Opening
  • July 19      Teams arrival and Press Conference
  • July 20     Administrative and technical checks
  • July 21    9:30 am Race beginning (approximately 2h) Ceremony and Cocktail
  • July 22     Lay Day

During this week several social events will take place as a corollary of a sporting event and its highlights. There are numerous entertainments promoted by the Sponsors within and outside the BEACH VILLAGE OFFSHORE which will be staged in the elegant harbor square.

On 21 July, the audience will be emotionally unable to follow the challenge minute by minute on a big screen, and this will be thanks to an innovative system of satellite monitoring of boats to guarantee the pilots safety.

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