In the 90s in Italy, home of the powerboat world, took place, in cooperation with FIM, the Venezia – Montecarlo speedrace in order to compete with the best boats and offshore monohull craft series, around  Italy.

Today the Rome Offshore Speed Race gives a new life to an exciting challenge, high-speed and long hours, with the sea, as were the races in the past, causing the right location to a unique event in the world that has made the powerboat history.

The Rome Offshore Speed Race, the most extreme sea competition, with this edition marks the first annual event recognized by all organitazions and federations in world’s marine industry.

The Rome Offshore Speed Race is a race that takes place in the sea area between the Marina of Rome and Ponza, developing a distance of 135 nautical miles in one of the most beautiful marine landscape of the world .

Powerboats – Offshore boats

Built with the most sophisticated technologies, with cockpit fiction closer to the cockpit of a plane, these F1 boats all have the highest safety standards for the drivers safety.

Their powerful engines, now powered by friendly environment  fuels, with over 1,000 hp each (it can be installed up to 4 depending on engine size and category) give an incredible speed, which in  extreme races ”short circuit” are close to 200 km / hr. In our case, instead, the request is an equal component to the power / pure speed, the reliability of the engine / hull / accessories.

With a route of 135 nautical miles, everything is subjected to enormous stress, a real test as it is in race like the 24 Hr Le Mans, where pilots and machine must move in harmony to achieve the final goal, and is already a victory.

Crew is composed by two pilots: Driver (one who has the steering wheel) and Throttlemen (the gas-giver in the true sense of the word).  Some teams also use the figure of a Navigator.

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