Rome Offshore Speed ​​Race 2013 scheduled for September 29.


The new date of Rome Offshore Speed ​​Race, 2013, scheduled for September 29, was greeted with much enthusiasm by the teams who have confirmed their interest in the race which saw its debut with a number “ZERO” in the summer 2012.

IKO casaFollowed very closely by the Italian Powerboat Federation has issued a positive opinion on the organization and the entire event, and drivers who have shown their appreciation Roma Offshore Speed ​​Race has now received the recognition of Offshore 6, 3 Magnum 27 ‘for the category Classic Rib and 2 (large boats) for the standard category. Among these Angelo Tedeschi, P1 Supersport world champion with 40 Chaudron ‘, Pino Salvatori with the Kiton “Sistership” of Metamarine TNT 46′, the Donzi 38 ‘P1 World Champion 2005 with the couple Terenziani – Di Stasio, Antonio and Giuseppe Schiano, in the category Classic, with an elegant Donzi 28′.

KitonIn order to ratify with a concrete positivity of this race Iaconianni Vincenzo, president of the Italian Powerboat Federation as FIM, confirmed that in order to facilitate access to the competitions of Offshore Marathon newbies who want to try their hand at racing competitions,with boats strictly derived from series production, will apply for the License card “conductor”. Making easier the entry of new teams that will have a license for easy release (FIM requirements of the office or on request: Licenses Offshore / Endurance FIM). This can also facilitate the entry of new international Rib in the category.

The positivity of the type of powerboat challenges that exist with Regulation Marathon is right in the involvement of boats from the production of series and paths that can be long, and passes near the coast, then visible by fans, even from the ground.

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